Build-n-Explore Virtual & Augmented Reality (H2019PA6WK4)


Build your own content in 3D and explore it in an immersive environment.

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Recommended Grade: Gr 5 – Gr 8

Skill Level: Intermediate – Advanced

Tools: Cospaces, VR/AR hardware

Prerequisite: Basic coding skills

Students will take home: HD Virtual Reality Headset, Project files and VR/AR workspaces

Location: Greene Middle School, 750 N California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94303

Refer to the Summer Camp schedule for a comprehensive list of classes

In this camp, your student will:

  • Make and explore their own content in 3D.
  • The beginners use a block based visual programming language drag and drop objects, characters and building blocks on to the stage. Advanced students get access to scripting languages for enhanced coding and problem solving.
  • Students then step into a new dimension and explore their creations in an immersive environment.
  • Advanced students use a revolutionary technology to physically connect with the curriculum.
  • Students can explore endless possibilities ranging from exploring scientific phenomena in 3D with coding and physics to bringing their very own inventions and stories come to life.
  • Prepares your student for future by enabling them to create, design, build and code in an engaging environment.
  • Students learn to use a VR & AR creation tool, experiment with basic 3D modeling and develop their spatial skills.
  • Enhance and further develop your students creativity and imagination as they work on learning matter and demonstrate their understanding.
  • Promotes critical thinking, problem solving and team building skills.
  • Students take home the card-board VR viewer, access to their CoSpaces account and the virtual experience they created so that the fun and education continues even at home.