Build-n-Code with LEGO Mindstorms (H2019PA2WK2)


Design, build and program robots using LEGO’s powerful MINDSTORMS® EV3. Learn the engineering design process and use the sensors and actuators to bring your creativity and imagination to life.

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Recommended Grade: Gr 3 – Gr 5

Skill Level: Beginner – Intermediate

Tools: EV3 Mindstorm

Prerequisite: None

Students will take home: Project files and build instructions

Location: Greene Middle School, 750 N California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94303

Refer to the Summer Camp schedule for a comprehensive list of classes

In this camp, your student will:

  • Design, build and program robots using LEGO’s most advanced and newest robotics technology – the powerful MINDSTORMS® EV3.
  • EV3 features an easy-to-use graphical programming language that lets students immediately begin simple robotics programming and then advance into developing more complex algorithms.
  • Classmates work in pairs or individually to complete projects and compete in a tournament.
  • This camp has a focus on the engineering design process, building, and programming using EV3.
  • Advanced extensions generally provide additional design, programming and building opportunities.