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We are a team of industry professionals from different fields including semiconductors and e-commerce. Having worked in companies like Qualcomm, Intel and various startups, the team carries an extensive experience in the fields ranging from digital design to software development including firmware, drivers and apps. With advanced degrees in computer science, electronics and electrical engineering from world class institutions and multiple patents along the way, one word that summarizes us is innovation.

We realized that oftentimes when a technology matures and makes its way into our daily lives, we start taking it for granted. We stop asking the whys and hows. This is especially true for the technologies with hardware behind it. So, to get our next generation interested in the basics of hardware and the low level programming that goes with it, we decided to focus on the exciting fields of Robotics, Wearables, IoT and Machine Learning. We hope that with our experience, we will be able to generate a lot of interest and excitement in the young minds.

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Our Approach

Age is something that doesn’t matter unless you are a cheese” – Luis Bunuel

No programming or coding experience is required. We start off with a block based coding environment similar to scratch from MIT. Students learn the control flow across different hardware components by dragging and dropping the code blocks in the desired sequence. Advanced students learn to directly code in C as it provides greater flexibility.
No hardware experience is required either. We encourage students to ask questions about the inner working of the hardware components and are well equipped to address their questions even if it means going down to the sub-atomic level.

Time flies when you are having fun and so will that drone that you just made” – Anonymous

We take fun seriously. Students are encouraged to tinker around with the hardware kits that we have and explore the next exciting thing they can create. They are encouraged to use us as their sounding board for their next big idea.

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